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A Few Of My Favorite Things


My Favorite Movies: Star Wars, American Beauty, V for Vendetta, The Breakfast Club, Se7en, Heathers, Needful Things, The Red Violin, Alien, Strange Days, Pleasantville, Sleepwalkers, Flowers in the Attic, The Truman Show, A Life Less Ordinary, The Shining, Vertigo, The Company of Wolves, Forbidden Planet, Chocolat, The Thing (1982), The Fog (1980), Stranger Than Fiction, Trainspotting, Gremlins, Gattaca, The Birds, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Poltergeist, Escape from New York, Wag the Dog, The Ninth Configuration, The Big Lebowski, Sleepy Hollow, Mommie Dearest, Silence of the Lambs, Chasing Amy, The Sixth Sense, How To Make An American Quilt, Elizabeth (1998), Death On The Nile & Exotica.

Favorite TV Shows: (past & present) Lost, Dexter, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Six Feet Under (the beginning of the series & then most of last season), Sex & the City, The Sopranos (fuck you, David Chase, that wasn't an ending), Dead Like Me, Jericho, House, Meadowlands, Tales from the Darkside, The Twilight Zone, The Wonder Years, The Tudors (I know it's naughty bad; it's my guilty pleasure), Californication, 24 (until they finally set off a nuclear device in LA and now my attention has waned), Penn and Teller: Bullshit! & Heroes (this last season wasn't as entertaining).

Favorite Music: Tori Amos, Enigma, Hooverphonic, Portishead, The Velvet Underground, Cake, Jocelyn Pook, VAST, Depeche Mode, Mazzy Star, Leonard Cohen, Concrete Blonde, David Bowie, The Cure, Smashing Pumpkins, Erasure, Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, Rasputina, Mono, U2, The Killers, The Tindersticks, Moby, and a ton of movie soundtracks.

Favorite Authors: Joyce Carol Oates, Margaret Atwood, Gertrude Stein, Clive Barker, Stephen King, Franz Kafka, Albert Camus, Charles Bukowski, Gerald Locklin, Martha Ronků  Ever since grad school went *kaboom* - I read less and watch more films & television series.

Favorite Flowers: Gerbera Daisies, Most Orchids, Calla Lilies

Favorite Drinks (non-alcoholic): Dr. Pepper, Henry Weinhard's Cream Soda, Starbucks Raspberry Mocha, a variety of really good black teas

Favorite Drink (alcoholic): Absinthe & Champagne together - "Death in the Afternoon" (though I do settle for Corona with lime when I'm not looking to relax *that* much)

Favorite Dinners: Sushi (particularly darker meat sashimi like tuna), Filet Mignon, Rubio's Fish Tacos, Chicken & Dumplings (prefer my mom's basic recipe), various Italian dishes usually those with lots of meat or seafood and right now I'm on a mussels kick.

Favorite Desserts: Lemon cake, Tiramisu, Chocolate Chip Muffins, Creme Brulee

Favorite Colors: Turquoise, Black, Magenta & Purple

Favorite Holiday: Halloween!  I go *crazy* for Halloween and decorate my house both inside & out just about every year.  I love all things spooky, the time of year that feels like such a relief from the sweltering summer, and all of the home spice smells of Fall.

Favorite Scents: Pumpkin Pie, Clove Cigarettes (yes, I know they are evil, I don't want to smoke them myself), Fig, Rice Flower, Vanilla, Amber, Cinnamon, Raspberry, Honeysuckle, & the scent of slightly wet asphalt.


Other Loves


My cats are like my children!

Yes, these are the characters voyeur cam viewers will see most often.  Princess, short for "Princess Leia" is my oldest and most shy cat, so you probably won't see much of her.  The other two, T.T. short for "Tigger II" and Captain, short for "Captain Friendly" are total camwhores.  BigD and I believe that Captain might be autistic because his behavior is extremely unusual (he eats dry ramen, plays in the shower & isn't afraid of thunder), and as he apparently knows no fear - he is the ruler of the kitty kingdom despite being the youngest and routinely whoops up on the other two who still look at him as though he's an evil alien. And I guess, he is.  T.T. and Princess were both flown here from the West Coast, and Captain showed up with his two kitten brothers & his mother on our porch last summer.  All of our cats, past and present, have either been rescued or "found" in similar fashion.

I love *neat* rubber duckies & collect 'em.

I can't say that I really say that I'm into collecting things, but I do seem to have acquired quite a few rubber duckies.  With the count presently being a little over 30, many that would fall in the "traditional" category and then those that are like the Celebriducks above that are *neat* or themed.  And then I have a couple of naughty ones that are vibrators or massagers.  I'm hopeful that I'll get a photo set in with me and my duckies.  Just as soon as I find a bathtub big enough, lol.


Turn Ons, Turn Offs

Turn Ons: Panties/lingerie/costumes/toe rings (like duh, lol) and a few other things... Men with deep voices are incredibly sexy to me. (Think: Sam Elliott, Hugo Weaving, Jack Nicholson, Kiefer Sutherland & his dad Donald too while we're at it).  If we're into subscribing what astrology says about me, which just so happens to coincidentally be right much of the time, then I'm drawn to Aquarius men.  In a super big "I can't get him out of my head" kind of way.  I'm also a tactile creature who adores fuzzy and furry stuff like angora & fur.  Mmmm... furrrrrrrr.  Sometimes, if I let myself think about it long enough, the idea of me rolling around on/in an enormous sable fur blanket gets me wet.

Turn Offs: People who try to make me feel sorry for them or otherwise try to emotionally manipulate me into giving them more attention by making me feel badly...  People who tell me that they don't like paying for their adult entertainment and try to devalue what I do...  People who lack a sense of humor or can't laugh at themselves...


Velvet Cape & Naked AmberLily

Ready to Suck... Yer Blood!

Trick Or Treet With Catwoman

Mmmm, Yes, More Starbucks Please

AmberLily With Vampire Fangs In A Coffin

Snow White AmberLily

Yes, I Sometime Go Goth

Sex & The South - Ah, The Good Old Days...

You Know You Want to Tip Stripper AmberLily

Little Red Riding Hood Cosplay With AmberLily

Garterbelt & Stockings Are Super Sexy!

Naughty Nymph AmberLily

AmberLily As The Bad Bunny In Fishnet

Sexy witch AmberLily

AmberLily the School Girl

Tainted Fairy, er, I Mean Tainted Nymph



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