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25 Little Random Confessions


1.  The people I tend to fantasize about having sex with most often are those that I know I can't or at least shouldn't have sex with. "Real life" people like those that I work with or have daily interactions (Hello, cute Starbucks barista girl!).

2.  I have never ever smoked pot or really even been high, and I have no inclination to now that I'm over 30.  I realize that makes me a freak.

3.  After a really traumatizing first driving lesson, I didn't learn how to drive a car until *after* I'd graduated college with a Bachelor's degree.

4.  I am a terrible roller-blader, but I'm terrific on a pair of roller-skates (after I get warmed up, of course).  That's why my roller-blades are safely in a garage back in Southern California and my skates are in my closet here in Seattle.

5.  One of my more morbid hobbies includes shooting digital photos of cemetery statuary in old graveyards, and I wish I was able to do it more often & was better at it.

6.  I am truly difficult to be casual friends with because I'm lazy ("Let's stay in & watch entire seasons of 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' on dvd!") and lack stamina to put up with drama and other people's bullshit or even in keeping up with them on a regular basis (unless they have a blog).

7.  I was one of those nerds who camped out in front of a movie theater for two weeks eagerly awaiting Star Wars Episode I - "The Phantom Menace," and I got grouchy several times because I was the only freaking girl.  Unless you count one guy's mom.

8.  Every time I played hide and seek as I child, and I was hiding, I almost peed my pants.  I never actually did pee my pants but there were some close calls.

9.  Not selecting the right university to do my graduate education and dropping out will haunt me for the rest of my life.  Or until I decide to try again at a new school, but I suspect that won't be for awhile.

10.  When people recommend music or books to me, I'm horrible at actually giving them a try because I've usually already made up my mind about them, think they probably suck or aren't my style, and then get a guilty feeling in the pit of my stomach because I'm being a snot, and I know it, and I still can't help myself!

11.  Sometimes I eat ramen noodles straight out of the bag uncooked as a snack.  I love how *crunchy* they are and happily munch away while sipping Dr. Pepper.  I occasionally share them with one of my cats; Captain begs for a bite as soon as I open the bag.

12.  I have a hard time going to sleep and an even harder time getting out of bed most of the time - regardless of what my work schedule is like because I'm way more sloth like than I care to admit.

13.  I have a intense dislike for reality television shows.  I can't stand watching one for more than 5-7 minutes because I find the people on them abrasive, pathetic, fake, ugly, dumbed-down for the masses or I just hate their so-called personalities.  I think I despise reality TV because I've worked as an exotic dancer and there have been many, many times that going to work and listening to the dancers / customers / staff was like a reality program.  That part of my "entertainment" quota has been topped off for the next twenty years easy.

14.  In the privacy of my own home and when company is not over, I talk to all three of my cats in a terrible high-pitched jabberwocky way that would probably make most people cringe if they heard it.

15.  I love making lists of all kinds.  Sometimes I make them simply for fun and never show them to anyone or look at them later.  "Top 10 favorite horror movies from the 80's" & so on.

16.  I love sucking another guy's cock while my husband watches.  Above average-sized cocks are more fun for this particular endeavor.

17.  It's sad but true *sigh* I am not a good house-keeper.  I think even if I lived alone, my home would not be that tidy.  Any time a customer back at the strip club commented on how I was their "dream girl"  and how they wanted to take me home THIS fact is what popped into my mind first.

18.  I hate redneck women way more than redneck men.  In fact, I rather like most redneck men and tend to get along with them without much effort even if I don't talk Nascar or college football very well.  Even when I have all of my clothes on.  Redneck women are like sandpaper to me.

19.  Because of movies like "28 Days Later" and the re-make of "Dawn of the Dead" - I constantly have nightmares where I'm trying to flee zombies or "the infected".  And when sequels or more of these types of films are released I always make myself watch them despite the knowledge that I'm giving my psyche more disturbing images to use against my sleeping self later.

20.  I talked my mom into taking pictures of me modeling a pair of black lace string bikini panties from Fredericks of Hollywood when I was only 14 years old because they were sooooo pretty.  I kept that snapshot for a whole month before I gave it to my first boyfriend, and now I wished I'd kept it.

21.  I steal the covers.  Yes, that's right.  In the middle of the night, without any consideration about how cold it might be for my bedmate, I take as much of the blankets on the bed as I can and horde them under my legs, my back, and around my head.

22.  I love that Vogue Magazine says that thicker eyebrows are making a come-back this year.  I'm all for eyebrows being manicured or well-tended but skinny, drawn on, super thin eyebrows usually creep me out.

23.  I am a Starbucks junkie.  Sometimes decaf, sometimes too heavy on the whipped cream but always and forever = Starbucks.  My all-time favorite drink is a tall Raspberry Mocha.

24.  Even when I'm not selling my panties, I sniff and smell them because I enjoy breathing in the smell of my pussy and am more aware of changes in my monthly cycle because I've been smelling my own panties for years.

25.  If I could get a few more people to join my website then I could stay home and do more exciting things on my 24/7 voyeur cams like run around in my panties and shoot more pictures and videos to add to the members area.  I'm terribly hopeful that I might be able to pull this off this year and not totally suck as an adult webmaster!


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