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My site's proud to share access with my friends sites!

When you join, you'll also have access to other sites part of this exclusive amateur-owned & operated network.  There's *a lot* going on here, if my site's not enough for you, surely all of the thousands of sexy pictures, hot videos, 24/7 voyeur cams, live group camshows, personal blogs, and other fun stuff I'm forgetting to mention here -- on these sites that my friends run will keep your juices flowing.

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Tasty Trixie

Delia CD

Trixie's Houseboy

Spy On Us

A naturally big-breasted woman with freckles, old-fashioned curves, an incredibly dirty mind, and a fierce commitment to defying porn stereotypes, Trixie began webwhoring in 2000 and has since enjoyed camming, phone sex, photography, learning web design, and blogging her brains out. She is omnisexual & works full-time on her porn websites.

Trixie's turn-on's include: white panties, taboo role-playing, & guys jerking off together.

The stunningly beautiful femme incarnation of Tucker, Delia's a seductive cock-hungry (in her dreams) brunette who loves to dress up with an irresistible surprise twitching between her legs.

Tucker built this very personal site dedicated to his feminine persona. After being a closet crossdresser for years he is now boldly going where so many men long to go but are afraid to tell their own wives, let alone take pictures and videos to share with the whole world.

Tucker is 6'0" with pierced nipples and a larger-than-average cock. Classically handsome & manly, he's also a terrific cook, sensitive partner, and has a voracious sex appetite. He's openminded and has had a few sexual encounters with men. In addition to working on our sites, Tucker has a "straight" job working with his hands in the great outdoors. He doesn't talk a lot, but Tucker is very skilled with his mouth. VERY.

Do you enjoy watching?  Then this is the site for you!  Cams, cams, and more cams!

Lots of porn peddles the same unbelievable, artificial, anonymous scenarios. Our site offers you more: an honest exposť of a real couple's everyday existence, sexual & otherwise. SpyOnUs defies porn stereotypes with hot content for men, women, couples, the horny, the open-minded, the kinky and the curious.







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