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Dirty Pantyhose Fetish

This set encompasses so many "below the waist" related fetishes for me, so I'm especially pleased to have it come up first from all of the other sets that I shot while I was away on that little road trip.  Aren't you glad that I went away for a little while when you see that I've come home with prizes like these  I wasn't at all sure how the hosiery would pair up with the heels and top, but really, don't they look smashing together? 

I feel like a sort of naughty office girl on her lunch break.  I've snuck away to play with myself in my pantyhose and give my pussy some sunlight and air.  And then finally, after so much play, my morning coffee has finally worked its way through my system and I have to pee badly... But you'll see all of that at the end of the set.  :)

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