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Pink Panty Fetish, Pink Panties

I refuse to even lie... Fullback panties are the sexiest panties on planet earth! And *pink* panties certainly the most feminine color in the pastel palette, don't you agree?  I'm including this close-up panty shot here because I want to draw attention to *my attention* to detail.  Even though I'm taking most of my own photos, I try to make sure I get the camera a close as I can so you can imagine being there.  I have more fullback panty galleries than any other kind of panty type.  An array of colors, fabrics, and styles but all of them are panties that I've actually worn and have held residence in my panty drawers!  After I have had my fun with them, I need to make room for the new by parting with the old -- I tend to sell off Victoria's Secret panties like these to members or auction them online.  A lovely keepsake to go with all of those photos members have downloaded from my site.






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