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This is actually *the first* set of photos that my bf Justin took of me.  Didn't he do an excellent job?  This pair of fullback panties are the only ones in my panty drawers made by Fredericks of Hollywood.  Because they have no stores near me, I always make sure I hit them when I'm out visiting back home in California.  After over-doing the whole leopard fad a couple of years ago, I felt like it was about time I shared a pair like these: string bikini, slightly sheer, slightly metallic with a *dark* leopard print.  The texture feels amazingly nice and I very much enjoyed playing in them, can you tell?  Being that both of us were nervous, I'm making quite a few funny faces in this gallery.  For example, in one photo I'm wondering if the boys playing basketball across the street can see me raising up my skirt and tugging on my panties.  (This is my backyard we're shooting in and it's not 100% private by any means.)  But I think the funny faces are balanced out by the truly nice pleasant expression ones.  And then there are the hot ones where I'm fingering myself while he watches.  Aren't you anxious to see more?

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