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White Stockings

It's not often that I have such "dressy" accommodations like this B&B that I stayed overnight in to shoot my photos at, so I tried to make sure I selected outfits that were of comparable quality. :)  All white lingerie underneath a simple navy blue shirtwaist dress.  Classic!  The most interesting item I'm wearing is the very elegant lace panty-garter.  It's an all-in-one piece with the panty attaching to the lacey slip skirt with removable garters.  I felt I'd be doing it an injustice to not include stockings or to take off any part during the shoot -- so that's why I've only pulled it's thong panty to the side.  I felt elegantly naughty and almost practical all at the same time.  *Almost* practical, that is. Enjoy lots of leggy upskirt shots in this particular gallery too.

White Panties, White Lingerie White Panty Garter White Panty Pulled To The Side






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