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Secretary Slut? Maybe...

I can honestly say that despite looking so "serious" that I had a lot of fun coming up with and shooting this set.  Everything from choosing the right hosiery (the now hard-to-find Victoria's Secret "Signature Gold Collection" brand pantyhose) to deciding that this would be the first photo set that I debut my new frames.  (How very professional of me, huh, to wear my glasses?)  The dress itself was totally perfect for such a mission being that it is very conservative, quite classy, and the buttons down the front make for terrific easy-access for poses like the one above.  I feel also compelled to confess that there is a teeny-tiny part of me that is regretful that the only use that I have for such a fine business woman's dress is to wear for my site -- as dress up.  It's unlikely, at this point of time, that I'll ever be one of those white collar professional types with my own corner office in a giant shiny skyscraper in NY.  I won't have an uppity secretary to boss around.  I won't have keys to that illustrious "executive washroom" that they are always talking about in movies.  When I was much, much younger, before I was even a teenager, I thought I wanted that power and money driven lifestyle.  But somewhere along the way, before I graduated high school, I figured out that I'm not really suited for any of that.  It's entirely too harsh for me.  My head is too far up in the clouds.  I have too many dreams that would be squashed by living such an unyielding lifestyle.  Not to mention I have a difficult time adhering to rules and time schedules/deadlines, lol.  So, it's only a microscopic twinge that I'm talking about.

Secretary In White Pantyhose Wearing Glasses Pantyhose With Runs






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