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Rainbow Panty Camel Toe!

I had been wanting to wear these rainbow thigh highs for awhile now, and when I discovered this pair of Victoria's Secret thong panties -- I thought, "Now here we go, an entire rainbow outfit.  THAT'S what I want to play in!"  I put them aside two or three months ago with my rainbow-trimmed hoodie and figured I'd bust them out before all of the Christmas holiday garb needs to make an appearance.  Save the rainbows for an otherwise dreary day.  Except it wasn't a dreary day; last Monday was fantastic.  Sure it was only like 40 degrees out, but I found it exhilarating.  The warm, prismatic rays of sunshine filtering through the tree's naked limbs onto my bare skin.  Warmed and chilled all at the same time.  Too tempting for me not to want to play with my panties.  Any rainbow thong panty lovers out there?

Thigh High Rainbow Stockings Up Rainbow Panty Skirt Sniffing My Own Worn Panties






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