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Little Red Riding Hood Porn!

I'm not sure why it is that "Little Red Riding Hood" is one of my favorite fairytales -- if not my *most* favorite.  Maybe it's because of the seduction elements.  Spooky woods.  Chaste, young virgin.  A lusty red hooded-cloak.  A masculine stranger with sweet promises.  Hell, even if he turns out to be "hairy on the inside" as they say in "The Company Of Wolves" (a fabulous low budget werewolf movie that I can't help but watch once or twice a year) -- I'm tempted.  Very tempted.  It's also worth mentioning that I always picture Little Red as a teenager and never ever as a little girl.  She's flirting with her sexuality and has red lips to match her red cloak.  The village boys are clowns and she wants nothing to do with them.  She's everything a big bad wolf could want.  Sweetest tongue has sharpest tooth...

Sexy Little Red Riding Hood White Panty Pulled Down Panty Smelling






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